Monday, November 21, 2005

Empire Notes in Bristol

Rahul Mahajan is going to talk in Bristol on Thursday 24th - The guy writes a great blog and it's a great example of indy media - Check it out! I have been writing some stuff for a new book on the G8 protests and the media as part of a collective and used Rahul's site as an example of indy journalism. Here's a quote from version 1.0:

A good example of a news blog is Empire Notes. It is written by Rahul Mahajan. His site has a clear biography where its states enough about him so that his bias is clear (remember, all media is bias, whether is obvious or not to the reader!). It is also fairly clear where his funding comes from - donations from the site, sales of his books and some teaching. This is allows us to place the news source easily in its correct context. His writing is articulate, impassioned and intelligent - the complete opposite of the shallow, sound bite media many of us are offered to consume. Rahual comments on this; "I believe one can be biased (for example, I am strongly biased in favor of the ordinary people of the world rather than of American imperial interests) but still objective (which doesn't have to mean strictly neutral or lacking in identity)….The place of my blog has varied a lot. I'm not really part of the liberal blogosphere [the more mainstream network of liberal-bias blogs], which almost never links to me any more…when I was reporting from Iraq in April 2004 and also when I wrote about Fallujah in November 2004, I got major traffic, with several days going over 10,000 visits, and lots of people did pay attention."

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