Tuesday, November 29, 2005

New Labour, Nu Clear
We are being softened up for a new generation of nuclear power. Sad that this is coming from a Labour government, but what is even more sad is the restricted parameters of the debate. What is not up for discussion the the overconsumption of our way of life. It has been dismissed by Bliar and so we are left with the 'Now much nuclear power' debate. To quote: "Both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are utterly committed to economic growth and for that to keep happening, we have to keep on consuming new products. I have talked to two of Blair's key advisers at some length, and the fact is that the Treasury refuses to countenance any ecological legislation that threatens affluence..." Bliar also repeated this point at Davos; "My view is that if we put forward, as a solution to climate change, something which involves drastic cuts in growth or standards of living, it matters not how justified it is, it simply won't be agreed to."

You can see this 'economic-blindness' locally too; The expansion of Bristol airport seems madness when we are staring down the barrel of not only climate change, but an energy shortfall. Its bonkers to even consider it. A good article on GNN about surviving climate change offers some good ideas for solutions; Decentralize, Localize, Autonomize, "[The solutions] all involve communities learning to fend more powerfully for themselves—communities ratcheting down their dependence on the overstretched and oil-dependent lines of supply that mark a globalized economy, and ratcheting up the semiforgotten, close-to-home economies that might prove more stable in an energy-starved world. Some of this work is already underway, but it will be given a new urgency if the price of oil just keeps on leaping." New nuclear power stations and airports – far from being positive developments may well become a millstone around the local area's neck.

Time for us to act, as the politicians have clearly shown they are not up to the task of securing our future.

Now: STOP PRESS from Stop Hinkley campaign: Following Greenpeace's action this morning the BBC are asking "Should there be a new generation of nuclear reactors?" Go to
to tell them what you think. Scroll down the page to see the YES or NO vote section

3rd December: Critical Mass on Global Day of Action over climate change, 12pm College Green

5th December: Anti-Consumption Xmas Party! Monday 5th December @ Cube Cinema

Then: Lets get talking post oil, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bristolpeakoilers/

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