Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Guide to Middle East Insanity

I can't believe the shit I am hearing from the airwaves and on the net. To hear a UK or US official speak – you'd think they had been gestated from a spin training camp only a week ago; "All this started when Hamas/Hezbollah kidnapped Israeli soldiers..." WHAT? What? You what? So before that, it was all peaches and cream? It would be funny if people were not dying. It is time to put things in perspective...

This DID NOT just begin when Hamas/Hezbollah kidnapped Israeli soldiers: It goes way beyond that. It did not even begin in 1948 when the state of Israeli was created by displacing sections of the ethnic population. Ultimately you have to lay the blame of the various colonial wars and games played in the region of decades. I am sad to say Britain has a huge part in why this is all such a mess. The kidnapping of the last few weeks is simply the latest in a long line of acts by various sides. You could say the escalation began with the kidnapping – but again you would be wrong. Hamas did attack a post and kidnap a solider, but then they would say it was in response to the ongoing Israeli campaign against them. The Israeli campaign is a response to..and so on back into history.

The solution is not to disarm Hamas/Hezbollah: Bu$h and Bliar seem to think so. The weasley Kim Howells on the Today program echoed this view is a shameful display of cross-logic and cowardice. He said the problem was that Lebanon has not implemented UN the resolution to disarm Hezbollah. (He also said he would not defend the Israeli actions but did not support calls for a ceasefire. Huh?) That the solution was to disarm Hezbollah and Hamas and the for the Israelis to make the occupation a little nicer. This is the key point – occupation.

The issue is OCCUPATION: Occupation, occupation, occupation. Nobody in power in UK/US really want to say it but that is the key. Why was Hezbollah created? They were created to resist the Israeli occupation of South Lebanon. To think that Israeli will be able to destroy an organisation that was spawned by their militarily aggression and fought their occupation for 20 years by more occupation and military aggression is INSANITY. Why was Israel occupying South Lebanon? To try and kill of the Palestine Liberation Organisation. Why was the PLO created? To resist the Israeli occupation of Palestine. (On a side note it is interesting that Hamas were nurtured in their early days by the Israeli intelligence people as they wanted a counter to the secular PLO – and like the occupation of south Lebanon, that too has bitten them on the ass).

No justice, no peace: The solution is an end of the occupation. Anything else is simply dancing round the fire.


Nick Talbot said...

Let's cut straight to the chase:
Those who do not recognise Israel's right to exist see its existence as an extended occupation of Palestinian territory.

Reading your post again, i'm pretty sure this is what you mean. Israel shouldn't exist, right? According to you, it shouldn't have been there in the first place, and its violation of UN mandates simply compounds this fact.

What should we do with it then? Wipe it off the map? Gently move it to somewhere else? Or just let them all kill each other? Maybe let the Arabs kill the Jews, because at least then we wouldn't have to suffer terrorist outrages in London. Yes, that sounds reasonable. Perhaps we should let the Islamists kill all those meddlesome Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and secularists too. (Personally, I hope they kill the hippies first, but hey, that's just my personal take on fascism). Then the Shiahs can kill the Sunnis, Sufis and Kurds to add the finishing touches, and woo hoo! One World Unity. Peace Forever. Let's all bang some drums.

I blame the Anglo Saxons for the Irish Troubles. If they hadn't moved into the British Isles, then the native Celts wouldn't have been pushed westwards to Wales, Ireland and Cornwall in the first place. The Romans turning up just confused everything, like the UN does. Then when the Vikings indulged in their occasional but thorough orgies of rape and pillage, they were like the US, exploiting economic weaknesses due to ethnic tensions, or something.

anarchist said...

You might be pretty sure that what I said, but if you read what I write rather than assumption, things appear different.

You say; "Those who do not recognise Israel's right to exist see its existence as an extended occupation of Palestinian territory." This sounds a bit like, "You are either for us for for the terrorists." That kind of statement gets anyone anywhere.

Lets cut to the chase: You abhor the idea of Israel being an extended occupation of Palestinian territory. Therefore I assume you also see the problems with Palestine being an extended occupation of Israeli territory?

I am not sure what the solution is. I know what is is not; handing power to one group to lord it over the others. I know what is happening now will not solve the problems. There is a solution buried within the mess that gives all the peoples living there security and land and peace but handing the negotionting over to tanks and missiles is not going to find it.