Monday, July 31, 2006

Opposing the Bombing is NOT Support for Hezbollah
Just because somebody opposes the bombing of Israel, it does not mean they support Hezbollah. From what I have seen of the group their ideology is almost totally opposite to what I personally believe. They are racist (anti-semitic), sexist and homophobic. I don't want to live in a world dominated by such ideologies or groups. So why am I opposing the Israeli bombings, especially as they claim they just need a few weeks and they will have finished the job?

Well firstly its a fantasy that Israel will destroy Hezbollah in a few weeks. The group fought Israel when it occupied southern Lebanon for about 20 years – why is this few weeks of war going to be any different? The reports are that the Israel army is facing a foe far more dangerous that it anticipated, who are waiting in secure bunkers for the ground troops to invade. Hezbollah have been preparing for this for years, thus the tactical thing to do is not blunder into their trap, as Israel is doing. This war, so far, has not weakened Hezbollah, has not stopped the rocket attacks; but has strengthened it, boosted its image and further degraded the Israel image. I also oppose it moral grounds plus the pragmatic view that an attempt to destroy a group that kills about 10 civilians (predominantly women and kids) for each alleged Hezbollah fighter it gets, is not going to stop the problem. If just two of each victims family pledge revenge (If you want a graphic account of how a civilian who is the victim of state terror turns to terrorism read Killing Rage by Eamon Collins) then Israel is may well be creating more fighters/terrorists that it is killing. Occupation created the problem of Hezbollah. has Israel occupied south Lebanon to get another group - the PLO - who were also created by occupation. Thus it follows logic that if occupation created the problem, dealing with occupation can end it. Drain away the grievances against Israel and you drain the supply of recruits and supporters and fanatics. This mean a meaningful peace that does not simply throw people the scraps of land that Israel does not want and removed the ethnic apartheid that it has created. Israel has been trying the military solution to its problem for decades and is no closer to peace. How many have to die before this changes? I cite Israel as having to change as it is the dominant power in the region and without it changing nothing else will.

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