Friday, July 28, 2006

The Media War

We are now the targets of as vast media war being fought for hearts and minds. There is a vast push of information that leads us to decide who is right and wrong in the current middle east war.

Is Bliar and Co right to oppose a cease fire? I would say no. They are wrong. They blither about a 'lasting ceasefire' but each time I see images of dead children, I can't help but think they would still be alive with a cease fire. But then what should we expect from a bunch of neo-con, privatization warmongers. Bliar is not allowed (by Bu$h) to go to Lebanon, but does have time to go a see Rupert Murdoch. Its all about priorities. Dead arab kids are not one of Bliars.

Is Israel wrong to defend itself? People (not states) have a right to self-defence. This is not self-defence, it is terrorism. Self-defence is to pursue the best strategy to protect you and yours. Fighting is not always the best strategy. So far, a a cost of hundreds dead, the rockets still reign down on Israel and they have handed a PR victory to their enemies and exposed the weakness of the IDF. Not a great strategy. Given that Israel faces resistance groups that were founded in occupation and feed off occupation - the solution is and always has been to end the occupation.

Don't Israel's opponents want to wipe it off the map? People talk about the various extremist groups wanting to wipe Israel off the map - physically they can't as Israel has the 4th most powerful army in the world (behind US, Russia and China) and they have nukes. They cannot be wiped off anywhere. They are the dominant power (backed by the US) and so they are the ones with the power to create peace.

Is this not all about anti-semitism? No. That's a bullshit cover that atrocity is hiding behind. I have no doubt that there are various people pushing anti-semitic ideas, the problem is that by Israel's actions is that it is creating a fertile ground for such claptrap to flourish. This is not a problem created by anti-semitism, it is created by occupation. Both resistance movements that Israel is facing were created by its own policies. The root issue, not peripheral issues, need addressing.

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Meanwhile Iraq, Afganistan and Global Warming rummble on in the background...

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