Thursday, December 17, 2009

GoatLab Nov Radio Show!

Bit late posting, but here's Goatlab's Nov Radio show and it's a corker!

This month Dan Gusset and Parasite are joined by special guest Typowriter from Occational Cinema – a ongoing project which temporarily transforms neglected, reclaimed or hijacked spaces in Bristol for openair film nights. It’s basicly a laptop, soundsystem and a truckload of short films with work from new and aspiring directors, classic television and music videos from the past 40 years, local and campaign news. A cinematic mixtape if you like. Anyone can do it, it’s dead easy!


1. Senser – The End of the World Show (Imprint)
2. Kunt & The Gang – Jackson Tribut
3. Hot Roddy – Tea is the Drug (Bit Phalanx)
4. Earthling – Nefisa (Cooltempo)
5. VEEE DEEE & Timothy C Holehouse – Driver Joe and 50 Fags (Dislocation)
6. Imminent – Bock (ant.zen)
7. Error – Nothings Working (Epitaph)
8. Carter USM – The Model (Cooking Vinyl)
9. Wisp – Hidebehind (Rephlex)
10. Murderbot – Roll Another One feat. Hawatha Hurd (Tremor Dub Refix)
11. Kunt & The Gang – I Sucked Off A Bloke
12. Chase & Status – Eastern Jam (Ram)

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