Thursday, December 24, 2009

Old Right-Wing Cranks

Following putting a price on denial 'How Much is Global Warming Denial Worth? $1120 Million Per Day' - there is an excellent article about a who's who of climate change denial who are described as, "They are almost uniformly conservative and populated with old and unqualified cranks..." - see here for more - but there is a tiny handful of political operators who happen to have some science - never in the correct field - but who's dubious credentials are amplified by their pet lobby groups and the tiny legion of willing but busy commentators that follow in their wake, to seem something they are not.

Putting the future of the planet in the hands a a tiny group of old white guys who won't be around to see the fuck-up their policy advocates is the height to stupidity and/or ignorance.

But then that's denialism for you!

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