Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Climate Denial's Snake-oil Man: Monkton

Monkton is an idiot. He is a snake-oil salesman who is cashing in on fears over climate change. What gets me is how many people fall for his shit. He gave a presentation where he talks about how the imminent signing of the Copenhagen treaty would usher-in 'world government' and how former communists had taken over Greenpeace and all that jazz - conspiracy inside conspiracy bound so tightly it would make anyone's logic-centre explode on contact. Yet people fall for this shit.

So where is the video announcing that what it meant for the New World Order plans that the Copenhagen treaty failed? It failed because sovereign nations could not agree; which means the NWO must have zero influence over them - it's almost as if the NWO and the evil plans outlined by Monkton as a certainty, don't exist? Wow....

Still, here's another video well worth the watch about how Monkton's crap works so well. It is the science equivalent of cold-reading...


Nescio said...

Thank you for your comment. Daily life prevented me from responding sooner. Anyway, maybe you like my updated explanation of the anti-science movement: http://contusio-cordis.blogspot.com/2010/04/delusional-disorder-part-iii.html

I Like this post, keep up the fight for critical thinking :)

anarchist said...

Cheers, I'll check it out.

Anonymous said...

Shame your intellect is approximately 5% of Lord Monckton's.
He is a very intelligent and articulate man, fighting hard to defend the people against the lies and spin around the criminal scam that is AGW.
That you have accepted it shows just how gullible and incapable of free thinking you are.
Why not find something to write about that you might have some faint understanding of.
You are unfit to even mention Monckton's name.

frflyer said...

According to the British House of Lords:

"Christopher Monckton is not and has never been a Member of the House of Lords. There is no such thing as a 'non-voting' or 'honorary' member."

Monckton is a charlatan, as any real scientist will tell you.
He has no science credentials, but he studied journalism.
Anonymous is right. He is articulate, in a forked tongue sort of way.
That's what snake oil salesmen do.

He tells us global warming will be good for us. Then he tells us the earth is cooling. Two fallacies, and he can't make up his mind which one is true.

Anonymous, do you watch Fox news? You know their favorite "climate expert", Steve Milloy? He is a professional PR man and a paid lobbyist for fossil fuel interests. No science background at all. Hannity ever tell you that?

Like Monckton, another amatuer charlatan playing climate scientist for the gullible.