Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Let's All Get Together - for a Fun Religious War!

Lots of people seem to point to Islam and say how it is a fundamentally violent religion. Yes it has it militancy - waaay too much of it, but if you raise your gaze up you'll soon see that all religious have their own violent, warlike militant nutters looking for nothing more than the spilling of blood in the name of god...but what I'd never considered before is the positive side of religious war;
“God brings a war because he needs to bring the best out of us. When we shine a light, it’s brightest when we come together [in war].”

Awww, religious war is like a huge love-in; provided your down with the right strain of god-murdering rage - this example is Jewish...
A cellphone video is shown depicting dozens of Israeli soldiers just before entering the Gaza Strip. This video was given to Dvir Bar-Chai [a radical Jewish settler] to cheer him up after being injured and hospitalized. The soldiers are seen dancing together and singing a religious Zionist song about getting revenge “just this once” against “the Philistines.”

The Philistines were a people who lived in the southern coast of Canaan, in the middle east back in the day - with whom the Israelites did lots of fighting. It is also a term to refer to the 'other' i.e. people not of your religion/views and who are without merit.


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