Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Looking to the Election Results...

I'm not a huge believer that elections make real changes, but it is a huge survey as to where people see themselves politically (to an extent) and I think voting is still a tool to be used to progressive social change; "I'd prefer a labour government to a BNP one!". So what am I interested in come 6th May? I'll tell you...

- How Danny Kushlick did in Bristol West (Vote Danny!)
- How the Greens did in vote share (Bristol is a pretty Green city and I'm often surprised they do do better here...)
- How much we need to be worried by the BNP vote in Bristol (I'd expect a small rise, given the economic crisis, voter apathy and dissatisfaction with the existing political parties, combined with the drum-beat of anti-Muslim and anti-Immigration scare stories in the tabloids.)
- How well the candidates flagged by Ian Bone (and commentators) do.
- What the real outcome of the reported Lib-Dem swing will actually be (voters are often quite loyal to one party).
- If the BNP manages to get it's first MP and/or take Barking and Dagenham council.
- If the Greens managed to get their first MP in Brighton Pavilion.

So I am considering like blogging on the night... Also what is the twitter tag we're going to be using for chatting about Bristol results? #ukelectionbris?


Anonymous said...

Are you aware that Danny Kushlick's partner is Fi Hance? She is a liberal councillor and works on Stephen Williams' campaign.

Stephen Williams is standing in Bristol west as well. Are you not concerned that Danny Kushlick's campaign is designed to take votes from Labour and the Greens so helping Stephen Williams ?

I have asked him this question directly and had no reply. Others have had the same nil response. I don't think he justifies the "People's Manifesto" tag at all.


anarchist said...

I am aware of this, but feel that people are individuals and it's up to his partner to do her thing and Danny to do his.

The issues that he campaigns for are what counts. That's why he gets my vote; to send a powerful signal that the war on drugs has failed.

I hope he does take votes from Labour. Hope they loose.

He (as all candidates should) respond to questions though...