Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Climate Logic Bomb

Here, in a nut-shell, is the most important point that the denialists sceptics fall over on:
It's almost certain that you can't put a trillion tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere without something nasty happening. This is going to resolve itself and global heating is going to come back on stream and it's these [sceptical] bloggers who are going to be made to look weird when it does. When something like this happens again, they'll say we had all this before with 'Climategate'. But there's a danger that you can go off too strong, like they have. They are not sufficiently aware of the longer-term consequences.

As I have said time and time before, sceptics assume there where there is uncertainty in the projects (which there is lots) that it must mean the stated consensus much be wrong in their favour; i.e. not as bad as the consensus. This is fantasy; there is no reason to suggest execpt via their cognitive bias that this will be the case; it is just as possible that the impact could be much worse that predicted.

Still, try telling that to Lorddy Monkton, despite having no science training at all and being poo-pooed by the scientists who's work he relies on, is trying to say that; a trillion tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere won't be a problem. Nope, It's all cool. Carry on pumping.

And yet the media gives him a platform. Unbelievable.

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