Sunday, March 07, 2010

Watts; Answer Your Critics!

Climate change deniers like to complain about the rack of 'real science' and 'real debate' on the issue - yet when it happens, they seem to avoid it? Could it be that a 'debate' as a media spectacle where at least they stand a small chance gaining ground is of more interest that the scientific world where they simply have no traction. It's spin over substance.

One of the deniers, Anthony Watts who runs a denial blog 'Watt's Up With That' published his own research on the subject (not peer reviewed, but at least he was trying to do research) - and another blogger has done the peer reviewing for him and pointed out where he went wrong. Put simply Watts (and his mate) claimed that the surface station record of temperature was inaccurate and if you removed the inaccurate temperature stations, what came out was no rise in temperature.

Now blogger Tamino, who has gone to great lengths to explain why Watts's is wrong and given the data and workings out - has called him out to answer the criticisms; so Watts - Answer Your Critics! (Also called out here and here).

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