Monday, March 08, 2010

Creationism & Climate Change Denial: Best Mates?

It's would seem so. For some time now there have been strong links between climate change denial and evolution denial(aka creationism). The same right-wing creed that promotes the anti-science ideas of creationism also seems to be at work with evolution. The same legal attempts to force educators to promote creationism, is also being used to promote climate change denial; see here and here. There are also the same people who either sign petitions 'debunking' climate science/evolution or try to 'accomodate' a rancid anti-science ideology into science;

Senator Inhofe
Chris Allen
Roy Spencer
Tim Ball
Edward Blick
David Deming
Guillermo Gonzalez
Robert Smith
James Wanliss

E. Calvin Beisner
Ross McKitrick
Anthony Watts

Why does this matter? Put simply if you are a denier of evolution then you simply don't have the intellectual underpinnings of true scepticism to engage in a debate about what is true above what they would like to be true. Evolution is a true as anything can be in science; if you let ideology blind you to this, then it is going to blind you in other areas. Sorry, but for me all those people are rendered utterly non-credible.


Anonymous said...

"if you let ideology blind you to this, then it is going to blind you in other areas."

Ooops. That's quite a claim, have you got any science to back this up Mr. Science Know-it-all?

It really sounds like you are speaking directly from your own blind ideology. It's time to look in the mirror.

anarchist said...

Back what bit up? Evolution? Start here:

Global warming? Yup - 100,000s of peer reviewed papers. You can get the raw data yourself here; - go crazy.

JMurphy said...

If Roy Spencer can believe that the Bible is a better answer to where humans have come from (rather than the scientifically based Theory of Evolution), who knows what he thinks is causing Climate Change. God's breath, perhaps ?

TrueSceptic said...


Aw, c'mon. That's easy. It's those *invisible space pixies*. Everyone knows that!