Monday, January 04, 2010

Errrr What Happened to the Conspiracy?

I had been told by climate change denialists that the email hack, Swifthack, had blown open the whole global warming hoax and it was all over now... except that it didn't and it's isn't because what the denial approach to science misses it that you still need evidence - emails showing a conspiracy rather than the to-and-fro of everyday science. This was confirmed by an AP analysis of every single email.

Now the denialists have gone and admitted (in a round about way) that the email hack was not the solution to the email: Torygraph columnist James 'I know Fuck All About Science But I know A Communist Plot When I Smell It' Delingpole continues to drag that paper's science coverage into the gutter, shit on it, piss on it and shove it back into the middle ages, has written:

As I said yesterday, one of our jobs this year is to wipe the complacent smiles off the smug faces of the lobbyists, “experts”, “scientists”, politicians and activists pushing AGW.

Hang on Mr Delingpole, I though that is what the email hack had done? I guess not... Part of this 2010 campaign involves sending emails to universities that employ climate scientists fishing for 'fraud' in grants given. I though that is what the email hack had done? I guess not...

In summary, this is the level the denial camp are at - essential fishing around for dirt on their opponents. If climate was a scam all the well funded denial lobby has to do is fund a few science missions to the Arctic and gather their own ice-core samples, put up their own weather balloons and gather data etc - in summary fund some real science - problem is that they know this will just gather more evidence for AGW - so they sniff looking for scraps of shit to throw instead.

Bit sad really.

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