Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tony Bliar's Defence of His Own Sanity

So Tony Bliar came to the Iraq Inquiry and not only refused to acknowledge any problems with his conduct or judgement, but went on the attack asking supposed difficult questions, like what would the world be like if he had not acted - with high oil prices and a resurgent Iran and Taliban?

What a fucking prick. These are not hard questions. The high oil price is in part down to the Iraq war. Bliar and Bu$h helped create that. A resurgent Iran is down to the weakening of the US from the failed Iraq war. Bliar and Bu$h helped create that. Many officials and experts have concluded that the failure in Afghanistan is because of the Iraq war - the resurgent Taliban are down to the lack of focus and resources to capitalise on the position the military got to in 2002. Bliar and Bu$h helped create that.

The Iraq war cost billions and sat side-by-side with Guantanamo. Bliar's silence was his complicity. Yes, I suspect that Saddam would still be in power - and that would be terrible - but in his 20-odd reign of terror he killed around 1,000,000 people. Bliar and Bu$h helped kill over that number in less than 5 years.

But more than that there is the arrogance - the towering arrogance of a man - anti-democratically - seems to think that the British Army was his army to do as he willed with and tough shit on those who disagree. That the will of the people who pay for that army (in money and blood) was simply not a factor and he was in his rights to lie to us to follow his war.

Image: A man carries the body of a child recovered from the rubble of a destroyed house after an air strike in Baghdad’s Sadr City in Iraq on April 29, 2008.

The towering arrogance of a man who ignored the experts and thought that the occupation of a middle east country would be a 'cakewalk'. The towering arrogance of a man who he thought would gain any leverage from Bu$h from is simpering compliance - he didn't.

So people have been asking why he had no regrets of any sense of questioning himself. I think this is because to let in even an inch of doubt is to open the mental door to over a million ghosts of the dead who would, with a deafening silence, plague him in his private moments.

Bliar defended his war to save his sanity - as he just happened to do it at the Iraq Inquiry.

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