Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Reading Room: No Retreat

Next book - is one I read a while ago - No Retreat by Dave Hann and Steve Tilzey. I get suggested lots of books with political content and often they are worthy in the sense the topic being covered is worthwhile but often a bit depressing and/or argue a case that you agree with. When I first got this book, I was worried about that; I was wrong - it's a great book - even people who don't like political books will enjoy it - the two authors' stories within are fast moving accounts with lots of action that means the reader really enjoys the ride.

This book is about the need for, and accounts of, street fighting against the far-right from the late 60s to the early 90s in the UK. It is in two parts, one by each of the two authors; Dave Hann (who sadly died last year of cancer) and Steve Tilzey. There has been speculation and counter speculation about the authors and what they might have or might not have done. I'm going to suggest that you read their own words; they are clear about what they are doing and why....and they make a strong case.

This is a great read - not only is it a fast-paced and gripping action story, but also carries political weight both in the people the take on and the in-fighting within groups they were part of. Highly recommended.

(PS. There is some audio of one of the authors speaking online here.)

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